What You Need To Know About Electric Knives Right Now

Electric knives and slicers are kitchen appliances designed to make food preparation easier. Electric knives and slicers are designed to take the work out of slicing and carving meats and chopping vegetables. Much more efficient than traditional knives, electric knives do all the work for you, which makes food preparation and serving quicker and easier. The blades run off some type of power source is batteries or electricity.

Electric Knives
How to use Electric Knife?

If you want on slicing bread more often than you do a turkey or whole poultry products, then you’ll want to look for an electric knife that offers a smoother cutting surface.

These tools can be necessities if you have arthritic hands or if you suffer from health problems that rob you of your strength. Typically, two blades lock into place and then you turn the electric knife on. The blades move quickly back and forth, and a serrated edge cuts into the food. Top electric knife and slicer brands include Black & Decker, Hamilton Beach and Cuisinart.
High Quality Electric Knives

You might find you get more mileage out of an electric carving knife. Here are just a few projects we've done, or heard done by others, with an electric kitchen knife:

1. Easily cut thin PVC pipes.
2. Cut sound-absorbing acoustic tiles to fit a wall.
3. Cut small wooden dowels to size for a tiered cake.
4. Fit foam to upholster wooden bar stools, ottomans, headboards or anything else.
5. To cut styrofoam in straight line.
6. Sculpt floral foam for holiday decorations.
7. Cut through foam batting insulation.
8. Custom-shaping a foam pillow for stomach- or side-sleepers.
9. Cut down bulky cardboard boxes for recycling.
10. Cut a memory foam mattress to fit your bed frame.

Electric knives and slicers come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. The following factors will help you a quality electric knives one for your needs.

Blade Length: Blade size is most important when shopping a electric knives. Electric knives come in a variety of different sizes. Most knives come with a 7 inch blade, although some are longer and some are shorter. The size you need depends on what type of food you will frequently be cutting. For fish, you want to choose a smaller knife with thin blades. It’s help you to slice the fish quickly and easily. If you will be carving turkey or other larger animals, an electric slicer with a blade that is 9 or 10 inches. The long knife, the larger blade the slices of meat your slicer can handle.

High Quality Electric Knife

Fishermen electric knife market available here. Fillet knives of up to 7.5 inches are available on Amazon right now and offer you a cordless alternative so you can clean your fish on site instead of having to wait to bring them home.

Blade Materials: Nearly all electric knives are constructed of stainless steel for durability. Stainless steel is a durable choice because it won't tarnish or rust and it is easy to clean. You may find some that are made of synthetics or even chrome.

Safety Features: The best electric knives also have safety features that make it difficult for children to use the kitchen appliance even accidentally. Many of these safety features involve a locking trigger or a double trigger, so double-check what kind of safety feature you’re getting before you purchase the knife so you get one that works with your grip. Some double trigger electric knives are difficult to use unless you’ve got big hands, so keep that in mind as you shop.

Power Choices: Electric knives and slicers are usually available in two different power choices: electric or battery operated. Electric knives can't be carried with you to picnics or outside, but they often offer more power than a battery-operated slicer. Battery-operated slicers make the appliance much more portable, and you do not have cords that get in the way. They do need recharging, though, and this can take a little while.
If you are pursuing a cordless knife, then make sure to check on the reputation of the batteries that come with the product. You’ll also want to make sure you fully charge the batteries before using the knife for the first time as otherwise you may ruin the batteries and this may not be covered by a typical limited manufacturer’s warranty.

High Quality Electric Knife

Concluding: The release buttons for this appliance is also something to think about as you’re shopping for a new appliance. Most knives have a push button release on the sides of the device right near the front, but not all of them. Some are placed on the top of the appliance and others are placed on the bottom. Go with a design you’re most comfortable using that won’t feed your greasy hands toward the blades if you feel the appliance slipping for the best results.

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